Siesta means a rest or a nap that we take in the afternoon, that is in the hottest part of the day. These Sunday articles will be like a breather that I am inviting you to take from your hot busy life and all the roles that you play in your life, simply rest your back and reflect on your personal being.

The year 2020 was an eye opener for many of us. Doctors will tell you that a 2020 vision means perfect eyesight. So 2020 was attempting to give us that perfect vision of how our life on this planet should be. It taught us a lot of new ways of conducting our lives. We were called to drop our old ways of doing things and just sit at home and BE. Of course it is not always possible to JUST BE when there are so much to DO in the many roles that we play in our daily life. Roles of a mother, daughter, daughter in law, sister in law, sister, aunt and some even grandmothers. And yes how could I forget the role of a perfect wife too. Outside of home we are a friend to someone, a neighbour to another, a colleague, an employee or even a boss. At work we wear different labels according to our chosen field of work. Some places in our life we get recognised for our contributions and sometimes we don’t. Either way we take it in our stride. Sometimes with pride, sometimes shyly and at other times by simply hiding our tears. After all life has to go on, isn’t it ? But stop a while and ask yourself who is living this life ? Is it you -the woman, or the role that you are playing ?

Now you may ask, “But what’s the difference, Juthika ? It’s still me !” I agree, it is still you. You as the mother or you as the boss or you as the friend. Let me ask you, “where is you as the woman ?” When you feel happy, sad, disappointed, angry, jealous, etc; is it the mother, or daughter or the wife, sister or the friend in you who is feeling that emotion, or is it the ‘woman’ ? And at other times you feel appalled, frustrated and even disgusted sometimes, with society and people and traditions and everything that hurts your sensibilities – and when that happens, then is it the role personality in you who is feeling this or is it the ‘woman’ in you that who feels those emotions ? I hope you can see the difference now. When your core being is hurt, it’s then that the woman in you who awakens. At other times you are simply doing what you have been taught and expected by this world to do.

You are born as woman for a reason. In today’s time and age, there is a need for a balance between sensitivity and practicality. And a woman has the blessing to be sensitive and also do things in a practical manner. But to find that balance you have to keep aside the roles you are playing and connect with the woman in you.

Scientifically you know your body and you do what you can to care for it and beautify it. You know your mind and technically you try to rewire your brain with different techniques to excel in your careers and other areas of role play. You know the desires of your heart and intentionally you try to change your thoughts and control your emotions to be able to deal better with the challenges of life. I would say to you, that I am proud of you, because you have excelled so far in living your life purpose beautifully and done your duty towards one and all.

Now I invite you to get to know the intuitive woman in you. Know why you got the instinctive emotional and mental make up of woman. Know what is it about your intellect that can change the world for the better. Get to know the real reason why you got the biological body of a woman. Get to knowing how by being a woman above all else, is your real blessing and achievement.

I invite you today to make a conscious effort to take a break from being busy, dive deep into your subconscious and reflect on what is your soul purpose, at a super conscious level, for being born as a WOMAN. Realise the magic of being a woman !!!

That’s all for today. I’ll see you again next Sunday, with more on exploring and connecting with the woman in you.
UNTIL THEN… Remember….
Life is Beautiful Ladies. Be Beautiful Inside Out !

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