whatsappWith a spate of technological developments , newer and yet newerer ( if there is such a word , hehe) gadgets and apps have been presented to people – to make their lives easier (sic  – because , like everything else , we humans over eat technology and then complain of indigestion.)  These apps promise to bring people closer to one another. Whether it actually does that or not , is another debateable topic all together. We consider it important to stay connected with people who are miles away . Never mind if the people we live with , are missing us the most.

Birthday wishes, condolences ( surprisingly some people add crying emoticons to these too ), congratulatory messages and even invitations (free for all , so you are assured no one takes it seriously and you will have less guests, haha ), are the order of the day on whatsapp. Are virtual parties really so much fun that people have stopped meeting and greeting each other personally ? I tried this – sat with a couple of drinks , chips , cake , kachori and my cell phone, checking the whatsapp messages. Believe me , after reading – listening(audio) – viewing (videos) all the 500+ msgs , I felt an aversion for human company. I had had enough drama, trauma, gyaan and information for one day . I was loving my peace and quiet and solitude.

Today whether you like it or not , you are included into a number of whatsapp groups. The deluge of ‘good mornings’ on all the groups , makes you feel obliged to post one of your own . Sometimes it is as short as ‘GM’ , ‘GN SD’ ,  . Now what the two alphabets stand for,  is always a mystery to me. One , I can think of numerous interpretations of these alphabets (and not all of them are sane, esp the ones in local languages ). And two, I most certainly feel that the wish is only half hearted when it is put in mere initials. But its fun to interpret GM in my own way .  Feel free to try your own versions too . LOL

Pictures , selfies, audios, videos , everything that is uploaded , must be downloaded by you and applauded as well. If you don’t then you are an anti-social element. You are bad at networking . I wonder if  the time you invested (seriously this isn’t the right word ) is really worth the effort. You may get popular . But then popularity can be seen in different polarities. Negative and Positive. For sometime , I have noticed people will like you , applaud you and follow you. Eventually they get tired of your self appraisal drama and make themselves scarce . The expression of sweetness becomes too sour to digest , and everyone turns diabetic. 😀

Political promos,  chain letters , old redundant forwards , negative news items  –  all in the name of humanity and love,  clog the memory of your cell phone. But you dare not say so. After all Being Human is all about making a public declaration of how human you are. Never mind how you treat the human companion seated next to you in the physical world. Your virtual  presence on the social network is more important than actually being human .

Individuals connect to you through  social media and expect you to reply to their random ‘ hi dear ‘ and still worse , ‘ had your dinner ?’ kind of messages. I always want to ask these people , ‘Excuse me, when we dont know each other , how does my having dinner affect your life ?’  Seriously such inviting messages are most puke worthy .  I also feel sad for them . Wouldn’t their life be better if they paid even half as much attention to their family and friends ? But that’s not all .  These encounters can even get hilarious when I don’t respond or politely refuse to chat with them . Because then they get verbal diaorrhea and begin to psycho analyse me and pass judgements . And when I further don’t respond , they begin to beg me to Block THEM . Huh ? Who’s the psychopath now , I wonder ?

By now am sure you are wondering that if I have so many issues with whatsapp , then why do I have the app on my phone at all or why am I , a part of so many whatsapp groups. Good question. Isn’t it obvious ? I want to be seen as a social person . A sensitive human being ( ah that catch word again) . Also be able to promote myself as a serious professional . And of course, why should I miss out on a chance to know how much I am loved by random people ? Hahaha.  But most important , I don’t want to miss out on the chance to know what the others have been upto 😉 . After all , it’s all about being IN with the times and being tech savvy is the way to go , baby !

So the conclusion is …. being Appy is akin to Being human !!! 😀 😉 😛

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