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We , at White Canvas Image Management have got ourselves a new avatär . We have donned a wider spectrum of colors . We now encompass enhancement of not only the outer form , but also the inner self . Because at WCIM , we believe that beauty is not just skin deep . It goes deeper than that . Creating the right website design , was a long drawn out process . Lots of trials and errors . Some peculiar experiments . A few hiccups too . Until we got the PERFECT LOOK that we wanted . An image that befits our ideologies . Our beliefs . Our strengths . Finally emerging as our own PERSONAL BRAND .

A caterpillar , emerges from its cocoon to become a beautiful butterfly . Splendid in its vibrant colors . Allowing each color to take shape and add to its magnificent perfection . There remains no trace of the caterpillar that it once was . But that phase of its life is understandably over . It has wings now . Wings of beauty !

Change is the only constant in life . When we were kids , our parents looked forward to every milestone in our growing up years . When and why then , did we stop growing ? Growing as in bringing about positive changes in ourselves. . Our ways of loving , our attitude to life , our means of recreation , as also our habits, our thinking  and our self image . Think about it . A lot has changed around us over the years . Even the weather is not the same any more . So why do we keep on holding on to redundant ways of life ? We don’t even realize that in being rigid to our old ways of dealing with things , we are being unfair to our own selves . And then we blame God and everyone around us for our misery . How fair is that ?

A seed germinates below the ground. The seedling grows skywards breaking through the barriers of the water, gravel and soil . It takes on a new avatär , in the form of a plant , sprouting new green leaves and a tender stalk. The seed no longer remains . Over the years it becomes a strong tree bearing fruits and giving shelter to everything in its shade . It is landmark now . A landmark of a revolutionary change !!

We too are a part of this natural universe. When the flora and fauna around us adapt so beautifully to their changing images , why don’t we ? What are we afraid of ? Ridicule ? Seriously ! .. give it another thought . ALL the great men and women in history , would have never achieved the innovations and greatness in their lives , if they had stopped to consider that the change they have envisioned is RIDICULOUS ! They did not ! And that is why they have enriching , fulfilling and satisfying lives . We look up to them as pioneers of greatness . Its time now to look at ourselves . We too can achieve contentment in our lives. By embracing change .

At WCIM we believe that YOU can change your life. YOU can change your image . Just like we did !

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    If you’re reading this, you’re all set, padrenr!

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