The New Metrosexual ALPHA MALE

Men are a tricky lot . But nonetheless one of God’s best creations. So much so, that most men think they are God’s Gift to women kind. That might even be true, just as much as women are a blessing for men. And if it is so, then I think they need special love and care. No , no, no ! Not from us or the female members of their family . But from themselves. We ask women to not depend on men for so many things these days . Isn’t it then time that even men find the freedom to make their independent choices in self care ?

leonardo_dicaprio_damals_und_heute_im_lauf_der_jahre_bilder_2014Len Capriolendicap

So Dear Men. If you truly believe that you are special, then it’s time you start looking after yourselves. Gone are the days when grooming and dressing for the occasion was a woman’s domain. It’s the age of the new metrosexual man. You now have all the of dressing  and grooming and styling at your beck and call. You can, in fact you should, be utilising the image enhancing techniques, aids and secrets of all those successful men who have made themselves stand out, even in a crowd. They have dared to experiment with colours, fabrics, patterns, styling , mannerisms and also vocalic skills to distinguish themselves as different from everyone else. Look at any famous successful personality’s pictures of yesteryears and compare them with their pictures of today and you will see how they have worked on their image to make it look better and better with  time. Leonardo Di Caprio , as on date is the best example of a personality who has evolved in terms of his personal style and image. You can too . Yes it’s the 21st century, for God’s sake. And I can assure you that it’s safe to glamorize and spruce up your appearance without the fear of being labelled softy.

In fact, given the progress in today’s urban life , it’s the need of the hour. Life’s success depends upon how you present yourself to the world. Packaging IS important darlings ! Am sure you will agree with that . And how you present yourself will decide what people perceive you to be . If they perceive you as , or feel and think by looking at you  that, – ” Oh he can’t look after himself, how is he going to look after my business ?” – then you are fighting a losing battle my friend!

On the other hand, IMAGINE , – If they see you and are impressed  , by the way you walk , the way you talk, communicate, behave, et al – dude , you are IN their good books on first sight. Yea, that’s what ‘love at first sight’ is all about -first impressions 😉 .People will want to employ you . People will want to do business with you. Everyone will want to be associated with you . 😀 Yes, yes, yes, ….I agree experience , qualifications , talent , skills and learnings – all do matter. I am not negating their importance. After all they ARE a part of the package that is YOU. Nevertheless, these qualities are seen only , and I repeat, ‘only‘ if they like what they SEE at the first sight . And that first sight could also be your cv , your resumè, your proposal , your picture, your website, your blog, in short – anything visual . Therefore first impressions are so important. It has to be VISUALLY IMPRESSIVE.  And then when your academics and work experience are put on the table, they help to solidify your stature in their eyes. We talk about Solid Impression , all the time, don’t we ? Well then, here it is and how it should be.

So your first impressions depend on how you dress , groom , communicate and behave. It’s never too late to make a positive change in your personal styling. It’s never too late to discover what’s working for you and what is not . I agree, it might seem challenging to give up old habits and patterns of living. But change is the only constant in our lives. To keep up with the fast paced changing scenarios at all personal , professional and social levels, we must learn to adapt. Or else we got to be prepared to be labelled not  just ‘old‘  but also ‘obsolete‘. And we don’t want that , do we? Like my friend and fellow consultant, Jainee says, ” The first step is always difficult” But if you are ready to accept change , then there is a lot, that a professional can help you with your image building . A pro will guide you precisely taking into consideration your lifestyle and personal style comforts. And it’s okay to take advice from professionals. Many men do . They then put it down to their being smart – naturally ! And WE AGREE !! ..

So go ahead, make a smart choice , learn a few tricks and enhance your image . Naturally 😉

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    • Juthika D'cruz

      Thank you so much for your thoughts. They will be a great help in planning future events.

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    Thanks for the great info, it actually comes in handy.

    • Juthika D'cruz

      Thank you very much for your appreciation. Many read but few take the time to comment . Thank you .

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      I’m impressed! You’ve managed the almost impsbsiole.

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    This was so helpful and easy! Do you have any artlcies on rehab?

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