• Block Buster Trainer , ***** rating. Extremely dramatic 'n' thats difficult to achieve. Value for time and effort.

  • Dear Jyotika, Really enjoyed your class . I specially liked your way of delivery. Thanks a lot.

  • Hey Juthika , great class . loved the quiz.. was fun and engaging.. its been fantastic . Thank you !!!

  • Juthika is a pleasure to have as a trainer. I was so inspired by the training that in the first week of the course, I have started my workshops on grooming kids.

  • The first impression about you is friendly , helpful and appraochable. What's best about you is the fact that you have your own terms to abide by which makes you unique and different. all the best and lots of love to you .

  • I’ve had the honour of being trained by Juthika D’Cruz during my course at the Image Consulting Business Institute. She took a seemingly difficult topic on Leadership and brought it alive for us in class. No mean feat! Her real life examples and working with us to come up with applicability for the concepts we learned in our day to day lives was fantastic.
    In particular, I would like to share one life changing incident for me, which I owe to Juthika. We were learning about goals and getting rid of limiting beliefs to achieve our goals. Juthika asked for volunteers and I stepped up. In a warm, sensitive, yet firm manner she worked with me on the principle of asking myself the question “why” to each limited belief and assumption I had of myself till I finally had the courage to break free of all those thoughts and feelings which prevented me from achieving my dreams. This moment was pivotal in my life and I cannot thank Juthika enough for being instrumental in making it happen.
    Erica deSouzaDirector, Vinod & Saryu Doshi Foundation
  • Juthika, you opened my eyes to the word "SELLING".

  • Dear Juthika , Love your sessions. Very interactive and enriching . Thank you .

  • Juthika's passion and genuine desire for helping others through her teaching  is apparent. Her willingness to share her knowledge comes across through her belief and devotion to making it possible to convey the understanding of the subject as clearly and simply as possible. Nothing too complicated or boring.  I liked her style and simplicity of the material used to explain the process of Redikal Healing. Her intelligence and understanding of the subject is clearly visible with her confident approach.
    Through Redikal healing I learnt how to begin to heal myself. Even today I examine my ailments and refer to the learning. Redikal healing has showed me how Holistic Healing therapies can be used to heal the body, mind and soul. Today my physical health is restored to such an extent that I no longer take conventional medication and feel free and content with my life. In the past few years I have become physically, emotionally and spiritually stronger.
    Juthika's approachable, pleasant and confidant personality contributed in making this learning experience extremely enjoyable and memorable for me. I feel that her desire to promote wellbeing is genuine and it certainly shows in her work and commitment. Thank you Juthika for now I am able to use these teachings and have skills to handle life's ups and downs and for being there with practical solutions  whenever I ask for guidance.
    Alka BurbidgeCardiff , United Kingdom
  • "I was introduced to Juthika by a friend when I was going through a dark phase of my life. I had a neck injury which slowly turned into a psychosomatic condition and I was not able to focus on my work. My physiotherapist after indentifying the situation recommended that I visit a Counsellor. Juthika played the role of a life coach to me and through extensive work that we did together not just my neck pain minimised but I have also got back to work, she practises her profession with complete understanding of the subject and with a lot of sensitivity and equality towards the client . Holds the value of integrity . I would strongly recommend Juthika as a counselor and always be grateful and thankful to her for bringing me back to life Though am happy to give this testimonial, however would request  my name be kept confidential because it may not be taken very well by the people we work with and could hamper my work and client base.

  • Being a counselling psychologist, we sometimes think we can take care of everything that happens to us and I felt I had been managing my life pretty well, until I started to just go down. Down into some kind of mental darkness. It was during this phase while speaking to Juthika, she took me through an inner child healing session and lots of tears later and about 45-60 minutes of deep conversation with her I felt so light and was able to put my finger on what had actually been bothering me. Juthika helped not only to find out what it was but also healed me from it. Also at another time, Juthika has helped me decode an upsetting dream again, by reaching the core issue and healing it. Have never had that bad dream again. If someone can help a therapist...they are master therapists and Juthika is one.

    Abhilasha Herr
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