Happiness is not shape or size specific. Neither is it gender specific. Nor is it color specific. Most people have no idea how wonderfully  their bodies are designed. Your body is made to look and feel great. Hating your body does not help . You must overcome what you do not like and start creating an image of yourself that will make heads turn.  The idea is not to look a perfect 10 on 10 . It is about feeling good and looking great and be able to rock any outfit that you choose to wear. Don’t just wish for good looks and attitude . Get it NOW .

Whether you are looking for one to one consultation or a workshop for your team , we are happy to guide you and achieve that purrrrrfect beauty/handsome that you always dreamed of.


  • Discover your Personal Style
  • Dressing for your Body Shape
  • Make-up and Grooming
  • Color Hierarchy in the Corporate World
  • International Style Scale
  • Indian Style Scale
  • Clothing Element Basics
  • Personal Shopping
  • Practical Fine Dining Etiquette
  • Business Etiquette
  • Social and General Etiquette
  • Body Language Basics
  • Dressing Your Speech
  • Vocalic and Verbal Communication
  • Enriching Your Inner Image
  • Power Dressing for the Alpha Male
  • Pretty Powerful Workshop for the Style Diva
  • Personal Branding
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