What is your Personal Style ? Think about it. The kind of clothes that you wear- the fabrics, the prints, the colors and the fit and cut of your garments. What about accessories? Are you minimalistic or love to go bold with your accessories? Here again , do you prefer artificial, colorful items or would you rather stick to classic metals and the real deal? Even your shoes, belts, handbags, wallets, keychain, kerchief , socks – just about everything makes up your personal style. Many times we pick up an item of clothing or accessory out of sheer habit , not realising that we are creating our personal style statement. Our style choices give a distinct message to the on looker – our friends, our colleagues, our business associates and our boss ! Did I miss out the family here? Oh, don’t worry about them. They are really gonna love you no matter what you wear. So no worries there.

I personally discovered my personal style traits when a friend pointed it out unknowingly when we were on a shopping spree. When I picked up a garment at the store, she said , “ That’s very Juthika Juthika “ . Ah Ha ! That got me thinking. She was right ! I indeed, was in a habit of picking up clothes that had paisley prints, that were pastel in color and other specifics about the sleeves and fabric choices. Whoa ! I HAD A PERSONAL STYLE ! Now the question was , is it restricting me or helping me ?

Let’s take a look at how we can make our Personal Style work for us-

1) The first rule about personal style is that you should feel comfortable in what you wear. Be true to your own personality and moniker. It’s got to be authentically YOU. Faking it here does not make it in the longer run.

2) Take into account the whys of whatever you wear. List out your fears, inhibitions, restrictions and beliefs that you may have about wearing or not wearing certain things. For eg. I simply hated wearing black shoes. My belief? That they did not look good on me! I always felt like a witch when I wore black shoes. Ridiculous, right ? !  According to my friends and colleagues too , this was completely baseless. 😀

3) Next make an honest analysis of whether your self imposed restriction is hampering or compromising with your looking good and truly stylish ? To take the same example as above, black pumps are a standard footwear with any formal business attire. But I would often compromised on this major style aspect because of my dislike for black shoes.

4) Is your style of wearing your restrictions on your sleeve and not caring a damn what others think, giving the wrong message to the people around you ? Is it throwing a bad light on your overall personality? Do you find yourself saying ,  ‘nobody understands me’ ? Do you feel they ‘just don’t get you” ? That could be because your intentions and your appearance don’t match. Think about the number of times we ourselves have asked this question – “ Gosh, why on earth would s/he wear that ? What was s/he thinking ? “ Get the drift? 😉

5) Now here comes the litmus test. Like I said in the very first point – Personal Style is all about you being comfortable, right ? And I, personally am not confortable wearing black shoes. PERIOD ! So now what ? Well, then there are ways around it too. I now choose to wear black shoes that are not shiny and glossy(patent leather types), black shoes that are not completely closed in the front ( I opt for peep toes) , black stilettoes shoes that have slim tall pointed heels. I team black shoes with monochromatic, neutral shade suits or dresses or simple black and white outfits.

And Voila ! Having adopted these changes in my personal style , I am now able to look classy and comfortable in black shoes. I have successfully overcome my self imposed restrictive belief that – black shoes don’t look good on me .

Bottom line – your Personal Style should spell YOU, the authentic you . It reflects your values, your status and your cultural disposition. Feel free to experiment with different elements of clothing design and accessorising. Don’t reject anything on a sheer whim, or assumption. If you feel the need for some guidance,  engage a professional Image Consultant to help you recognise your limiting beliefs. They can also help you to identify and highlight your positive features. You will find it interesting to learn from them the art of camouflaging those characteristics of your persona that you may be ashamed of or eager to hide. Once you know what to wear and what not to wear, you will love every look that you create for your self. Your confidence will get a boost which in turn increase your enthusiasm and zest for a successful life.

Choose to evolve with your Personal Style . Choose to be Successful . Choose to be Beautiful – Inside out !


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    How neat! Is it really this sipmle? You make it look easy.

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