We were made in HIS likeness. We are a part of HIM. ‘He” being the Universal Source. The God of our lives here on this planet earth. And by sheer virtue of being a fragment of this Universal Soul, we ought to be whole and complete. We were meant to be happy. We were made to enjoy the goodness of this soil. Life, in its full abundance was to be ours for eternity.

If that’s the way it was supposed to be, then why is this world of people full of distress? Why are we living in pain? Why do we moan our existence and our experiences? Obviously something went wrong along the way. What could it be ?
Our birth on this planet earth itself is of huge significance. The moment we are out of our mother’s womb, we let out a cry. A cry ? Why ? IS it because we are torn from the ONENESS? The moment we step on this earth, we become a mere fragment of The Universal Source we call GOD. For a year or so from then on, we still manage to retain our soul qualities. The goodness of our Creator still exists in us. 
Over the next few formative years, we begin to lose this innocence. We are conditioned to the norms of the society we live in. The community we are born into, shapes our character. Parents and peers, friends and well-wishers, teachers and mentors – everyone contributes to sculpt our thinking. And thus are our belief patterns formed. We get divided into religions, communities and social standings.

Our experiences further disintegrate our whole-ness. At a more personal level, our most intimate learnings form the basis of our being on this earth.
During our growing up years, we encounter rejection, ridicule, resentment, hatred, jealousy, abuse, cruelty, apathy, hostility and so many such behaviours of aversion from the people around us. These unfortunate incidents are instrumental in further fragmenting our wholeness. Our physical, emotional and spiritual being breaks down into smaller pieces of these negatives, emotions and experiences. Each of these fragments is an injured inner child. Each inner child carries a distress story. Every distress story is waiting to be dissolved.

Our inner child fragments create our outer adult reality. Unless and until we are able to heal the traumas suffered by each of our inner child fragments, we will not be able to lead a happy, content and successful adult life. Our childhood conditionings, cause hinderance in managing our relationships, block success in our careers and even frustrate our personal growth. And thats how we feel incomplete Inside-Out !

What’s your inner story? Have you met your inner children ? How do you propose to integrate your personality and bring forth a feeling of being complete, whole and happy ?

It’s time you get back your soul qualities! Are you ready to experience ONENESS? Be Beautiful – Inside-Out !

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