Let’s Just Be !!!

What does it mean to just BE ? To be in the BE-er mode and not in the DO-er mode. When we are constantly doing things we miss out on being our true selves. We miss out on who we are supposed to be. Our minds are full of chatter. About things that we need or want to DO . And in the process we forget to be who we are.

Let us take a closer look at the roles of a mother and her children. A mother’s concern for her children is often so great (and sometimes un-called for – ask the kids , they will vouch for this fact ) that she is always thinking of the things that she needs to do for her children. Looking after their daily needs, sending them to school/college ; cleaning their room ; getting them to behave in front of elders , relatives ; be nice to their siblings; getting them to study well , eat well , etc etc. The list is endless. In the midst of doing all these chores , when does she get to be a ‘mother’ to her children. No  wonder children of today, no longer connect with their parents nor confide in them .They view all these acts of parenting as mere tasks – something that all parents are expected to do . Being a parent  is much more than just these activities . Ask a child what being a parent means to her/him . They expect support – even when they are faltering or even just  sussing out their own modalities of living life. They expect freedom to make choices. They expect to be loved even when they are imperfect . The want their parents to accept them as they are and not be compared to other children all the time. Children want their parents to give them a pat on the back when they do something good. A hug , sometimes , even for no reason at all. The need our unconditional love – in the real sense of the word.

Being a parent means being there for your child when they need you and not when you have the time to spare. When they are unsure and scared of life choices. Being a parent is about giving them a knowing look of love , comforting them when they have failed and listening to their ideas and dreams and experiences – no matter how illogical or displaced they may seem to you. Laugh with them, not at them. Its even okay to be silly sometimes, in fact they love it when you do that. Helps the emotional bonding to become stronger. And after many years , when you look back in time , these moments would be the sweetest memories you will recall. If only we could stop for a moment the things that we do and instead BE a parent, it would be a fulfilling experience for us and our children.

Likewise we take on different roles in our life. The role of a husband , wife, parent, grand-parent, son, daughter, sibling , friend, employee, colleague, boss or merely an acquaintance. Amongst all the roles that we play during our lifetime, don’t you ever wonder, as to when do you get to be you ? I asked myself this very question – where is the time left to be just me ? When do I get to be ME ? When do i get to just BE ? I was at the meditation centre that day and try as I might I could not enjoy my ME time. I wondered why, after coming so far in solitude , was I still not happy about it ? And then it hit me ! I was looking for things to DO to enjoy my ME time – to make it worth the while. I thought I would do this, I should do that and the list was endless. You see, I had forgotten to just BE . To be in the place where I was . To be one with nature around me . To be in the NOW . The moment I had identified this negative pattern of thought process , as if by magic , I began enjoying my ME time. Once I let myself BE, just be, everything around me became pleasurable. I let myself BE when drinking tea – no thinking , no planning, no worrying. Just being there in the NOW of that time and enjoying every sip of that aromatic tea. As I sat by the pool , I observed the breeze send gentle ripples through the crystal clear water . The rhythm of the ripples made me feel so serene and calm. There were numerous little rainbows dancing on the surface of the pool water. I was amazed at the sheer brilliance of the rainbows in the water and wondered how could I have missed seeing them earlier ? On looking deeper into the pool , I found that the base of the pool was paved with black tiles , separated by white painted lines. It was the pure romance between the sunlight and these underwater white lines , that had taken the celestial form of rainbows dancing on water. I was enthralled by the beatific site. I raised my eyes and looked around to find lush green trees soaring towards the sky. The gentle breeze was now meandering through its branches , making the air cool and pleasant to breathe . I heard the distinct call of the cuckoo amongst the chirping of the forest birds. Butterflies flitted around in a coluorful array . I breathed in the beauty of this vast magnificent earth on which we live.  I felt  that everything was just so picture perfect . Just as the Universe meant it to BE.  I had then realised that by merely letting myself BE , I was able to enjoy my ME time.

During the next meditation session, I then let myself BE – not wondering who I should call upon ; what I will see or hear  and not expecting instant gratification. Just being there and then,  letting go, letting it flow – I drifted into a blissful meditative realm. I even imagined at some point that I was levitating. Suddenly I was formless- no physical being, just light, pure light being. It was an awesomely mystical experience. And to reach that station of blissful stillness, all I had to do , was JUST BE !!!

I have now begun to apply the same principle to my daily life. Enjoying even the minutest of things that  I may be doing . Something as mundane as running a blender can be made to be meditative. Try it . Marvel at its speed, its precision, its whirring sound. The whole activity suddenly becomes enjoyable. When you become one with your activity , that is when you begin to live.  You don’t fret over the past. You don’t worry about the future. Look outside . See the beauty of the birds that fly – even if it’s just for a fleeting moment. Observe the traffic with a smile. Listen to the sounds around you and know what a blessing it is to be able to hear. Smell the flowers – even if its at the local florist’s shop and not the garden of Eden.  Because everything is in the here and now. In the present.  Receive your gift of the present. To be human, let’s JUST BE !!!

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