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let death find you alive

I was reading the newspaper section ” times view and counter view ” in yesterday’s TOI , Mumbai . In this twin article , the topic of debate was Artificial Intelligence ( AI ) .  Reporter Rudroneet Ghosh of  TOI warns against the dangers of humanity being taken over by Artificial Intelligence clones in the near future . On the other hand , Renuka Bisht advocates AI as a boon to mankind .

There have been many sci-fi movies , especially from Hollywood , which have shown the advent of AI taking over the human world in due course of time . And one thing has always stood out like a sore thumb in all these feature films . The quest for developing a futuristic AI community, somehow seems to threaten not only the existence of human beings but also ( and perhaps , more importantly ) the basic quality of humanity . Humanity , as expressed through emotions , is the one factor that makes us humans .  AI , I understand;  but what about our thoughts , feelings and emotions that make us human beings ? The basic qualities of being human viz ,  caring,  sharing , love compassion , sympathy , empathy , et al . In our quest for making life easy with AI ,  are we not letting go of our Emotional Intelligence – the very fodder on which humanity thrives ?

Technology , electronic gadgets and advancement in robotic sciences, is all good . But does it have to be at the cost of our humane qualities ? Is it any wonder then ,  that today we as trainers are asked to conduct workshops on topics like Emotional Intelligence , Stress Management , Building Harmonious Relationships , Time Management , Anger Management , Team Management , Effective Communications Skills , etc.  Not that I am complaining .  Mind you ,  as an Image Consultant and  Life Coach , it is good business . But seriously , all this does raise the question as to when did we stop being human ? Why did we lose our soul qualities of love , compassion and oneness ?

However , not all is lost . Like from eternal times , it has been seen that every time there is an increase in the negative factors influencing our lives, the universe has always thrown up a corresponding surge of positive elements to counter them . One such example is the recent Hollywood movie Interstellar.  It’s a sci-fi movie showcasing the doom of the planet earth and the human species . But the beauty of the entire movie lies in the scientific depiction of the meta-physical world . Science is the language we humans now understand and that is why concepts like love , emotions , spiritual awareness , raising of our vibrations , parallel realities , the source and universal oneness – everything has been explained in scientific metaphor in the film .

It’s amazing how through science , director , Christopher Nolan has tried to make us understand that LOVE is the only way forward if , we humans are to survive as a species . In fact survival not just on this earth , but also on other planets . If we are in touch with our humane side , we can transcend space , time and all dimensions .  Our Emotional Intelligence is our highest quality .  Our soul quality . The way we are meant to be.  It is what makes us who we are . Question is – Are we going to give up on  ourselves as human beings ? Question is  – Will we let Artificial Intelligence take over our Emotional Intelligence ? OR — Are we going to use Artificial Intelligence with Emotional Intelligence ?

Isn’t it time we make an Intelligent Humane choice –  Today ?

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