Different Strokes For Different People

My very first article attracted mixed responses – ranging from appreciation and applause to skepticism and conflicting views . I enjoyed all the comments and  I thank everyone for sharing their honest thoughts with me on the topic.

Many said that it was difficult to Just BE ! I understand what they mean . Perhaps if I was to put across the whole idea of just be-ing in a different format, it would the be a more feasible idea to some people . Let’s say , we look at the whole concept of just be-ing as giving your 100% to an activity OR focus on a task in totality – THEN do you feel it can be done ? Now does it seem more feasible to Just BE – become one with your activity ; giving it your full attention with complete concentration ? It certainly does ,  doesn’t it ?

Another aspect that was pointed out to me was the fact that it conflicts with the norms of the society ,  that we are bound by . Different areas of our life, different industries, different fields of work – all have standards that we need to adhere to . So where does it leave any room for us to just BE ourselves ? If we do follow our own whim, we get labelled as a rebel . Well , honestly, is that really a bad thing ? I don’t think so . Most revolutionary changes in society have been brought about by the so-called rebels . By those who have dared to be different from what was considered the standard norm . To break the shackles of set rules and regulations that no longer serve the purpose of our growth.  Thanks to these deviant personalities , humanity has evolved for the better day after day , over the many years and centuries .

The trick here would be to learn the basic ground rules and then improvise, modify , add or re-vamp them to meet the needs of the present times. As long as we don’t hurt others in the process. As long as it is done in an aesthetic and harmonious manner . I feel that should be the inspiration . As long as the idea is progressive in nature , it’s all good. THAT  should be the key.

The third thing that came up was perhaps the understanding that to Just BE , you have to disconnect from others . Nope ! You don’t have to . Why must we segregate everything into black or white ? Why can’t there be grey shades ? Something in between – balancing both ends . Or maybe , even a little more of this and a little more of that and sometimes even vice versa. Like if I were to describe Just Be-ing as fully dedicating yourself to a task until you complete it , would you not be aware of your surroundings too ? The people, the place , the situation , the circumstances ? You would , wouldn’t you ? Its just that you should not allow these things to distract you from your task at hand. THAT is Just BE-ing.

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