Good morning Laja Women ! I am sure you have been reading my articles since the beginning of this month. This is my fourth article and I am back here with you to help you connect with your blood and your true inner self.

One of our Laja members Seema Khandale is doing some brilliant work in spreading the knowledge about conserving the environment and educating women about how to handle our menstrual blood discharge in an eco-friendly manner. You can visit her website (link given below) to know more about the tools which can help you do this and save our earth from further deterioration.

On the same lines, let me share with you some more mysteries about our menstrual blood. Our period blood and tissue discharge holds the stem cells for creating new life. Stem cell technology has already been using tissues such as bone marrow, adipose tissue, umbilical cord blood, placenta, dental pulp, and peripheral blood, all of which contain a rich treasure of adult stem cells. It is also well known now that these can be used for therapeutic works with the human body in later life. However the protocol for harvesting these, are cumbersome, involving surgery and other medical procedures. Therefore researchers have identified menstrual blood as the new source for adult stem cells. Studies show that this could lead to a new source of a safe alternative, for other cell therapies in different diseases. They could aid in repair and regeneration of skin diseases and photo-aging of the skin and a lot more. And that’s not all. There is more to our blood in energetic terms too.

Our menstrual blood holds our DNA. It is such a vital part of our physical and cellular energies, percolating down through generations. Any outflowing blood and residual tissues that we discard in the dust-bins along with the sanitary napkins, can therefore, be easily misused by people doing energy work for the wrong intentions. It is very common among tantriks and other such practitioners of occult arts, to use the DNA imprints of our menstrual blood to create concoctions and potions that could cause harm to us and anyone else they intend it for. That is the power of our blood. Therefore, we must discard it safely and discreetly. Our ancestors often told us to keep or dispose our blood stained pads and clothing out of the public eye. That was a very wise advice given to all women. It had nothing to do with shame. It was more about maintaining the sanctity of our menstrual blood. However, over a period of time, feminism took the right of expression and being a woman, to some heights that were actually detrimental to humanity in general. Blatant displays of bra burning processions and showing off our blood stained clothes became a thing of boldness and modern living. Along with all this, the practice of using disposable sanitary pads also gained prominence as it was convenient and saved us a lot of time. But now after decades of this practice, we can see how it is clogging the earth space and generating an unhygienic environment for our future generations.

Our menstrual period is also a time, when we are at our intuitive and spiritual best. During those days we have the power of co-creation pulsating through our whole body. As a result meditative practices, intuitive abilities and communing with the godly energies becomes heightened and free flowing. Those are the days when we can be at our creative best. We can connect with the heavenly wisdom and sort out so many of our personal and other issues. The need of those days, is therefore, to remain silent and listen to the voice of our higher selves. Gain clarity on life issues. The old customs of isolating the menstruating women, was in place to allow the women to rest and be able to become one with the goddess energies that lie dormant within them. They were kept away from other housework so as to have enough time to discard the discharged blood in a hygienic as well as eco-friendly manner. They were given simple meals so that the heaviness food would not interfere with their connections and communication channels with the higher heavenly realms. Others were not allowed to come in contact with them, so that the energies of their period did not get contaminated by the vile and disturbing energies of others. Our blood is sacred not dirty. Our ancestors knew that. It’s just that over the decades and centuries, patriarchy twisted the whole meaning of this restful period and called us impure and untouchable.

So do not discard all ancestral customs as useless and redundant. As Seema suggests, use washable / reusable cloth pads during your periods. The other option she suggests is to use menstrual cups. The blood collected in the cups can be disposed off with water, discreetly into the wash basins or even better, it can be poured into any potted plants or in the garden soil. Both methods ensure that through the water and the soil, we remain connected to Mother Earth. It is also a mark of great respect to return to Mother Earth, what she has given to us in the form of human flesh, blood and structure.

For all those who are still experiencing the periods, feel blessed that you are the chosen ones by the Gods and Goddesses to bring heaven on earth. For those who are suffering from menstrual cramps, period pains and issues like PCOD etc ; feel the love for your periods and for being born as a woman. Love can change a lot within your mind and bodies. Give yourself that love and the opportunity to be the glorious woman that you are.

When we start loving our blood and our bodies and truly be proud of ourselves to be born as women, then we can teach our children to do the same. For those little girls, who haven’t started bleeding as yet, let us create a new way of looking at the menstrual cycle of a woman. With love, respect and pride. Let us set the precedence of a new generation of women who know their true power and are ready to use it to uplift themselves and humanity alike. And for those who aren’t bleeding anymore, well, there is always the moon to help you connect with your heavenly energies and give you guidance and peace. We’ll discuss more about that in our next Sunday’s Siesta.

Until next time then, ladies…
Remember, Life is Beautiful. Be Beautiful Inside Out !

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