Amazing Myths and Facts of the Men’s Styling World


Just finished an image enhancement workshop for men. Every time we conduct a workshop we find that many of the participants have  pre conceived notions about the concept of styling and accessorising. But tell me, which man does not like to be well dressed ? Which man does not want to be better than the others in the industry ? Which man does not want to be successful ? YET, ……..

Men shy away from adopting a few tricks of the personal styling  trade. They want to look good . That is undeniable. But the professional way to do it , they are hesitant to become acquainted with. Why ??  Well, lets look at a few of these myths that are their stumbling blocks –

1) MYTH :  Success is not based on the way you dress  – Many men pride on calling themselves self-made. The general thinking is  , ” I did not resort to all these gimmicks of  the fashion world and yet am in a position of power. So why bother ? “

FACT : Dressing well is not about being fashionable. It’s about discovering the colours and fabrics that flatter your personality. It’s about evolving your personal style which will help your appearance to convey the message that you want to give with your appearance.  For eg. To look authoritative you could choose to wear colours that are neutral  and fabrics that are not too limp. If wearing a blazer , the fabric , weave and  length of the blazer would have to be appropriate as also the size and type of the cuffs and collar. The right type of accessories would then help to complete the look.  And all this can be achieved without compromising on your comfort factor. There’s a reason why we call it Personal Styling 😉

2) MYTH : Jazzing up their dressing alienates them from their peers  – Men are competitive yet do not like to put too much distance between themselves and their peers. So they dress and behave like their friends do. They eat and drink what their colleagues like . By being different they feel they will be alienating themselves from their peer group. So they prefer to blend in .

FACT :  One needs to understand that, dressing well is not about jazzing up or looking dramatically different . It’s in fact about picking the right kind of clothing , for the right occasion , to fit in with the kind of people you will be associating with at a given time. It is also about being age appropriate in what you choose to wear and a smooth transition from one look to another. For eg.  If you are a man in your late forties and you are going to be amongst a group of men between the ages of 20’s and 30’s , then you could dress in any colour of your choice (no need to stick to neutrals here ) , however choose shades that are more age appropriate. Again the fit , pattern and style of your clothing and accessories should also be such that you blend in with the group without appearing to be confused  about your own identity. Image Consultants understand your need for Bromance. 😉

3) MYTH : I will be labelled and ridiculed by my friends– The most common resistance is that dressing and grooming is a woman’s domain. So men indulging in sprucing up their appearance to better themselves is considered pansy. Not a very macho thing to do , you see ? So the whole idea is sniggered at , unless of course they have to make an appearance on  the fashion , television or film front.

FACT : Since when did cleanliness and hygiene become a thing for fashion and style ?  It is something that was taught to everyone from the very time one is capable of looking after his/her daily personal hygiene rituals. It’s just that, in today’s age there are so many wonderful options of grooming available for men. Why not use them and feel good about yourself ?  Climates have changed , so grooming helps. Similarly perceptions and expectations too have changed over the decades . After all,  a woman does size up a man with due consideration to how much care he has taken on his appearance. For eg. Did you know that every fragrance or perfume that you use  can evoke a definite emotion or feeling in the people around you ? Now do you really want to repel that lady of your interest just because she didn’t like your perfume ? Remember it pays to get professional advice in the longer run.  After all it’s more about looking good , rather than being good looking .

4) MYTH : Social negativity – Taking advice from a woman stylist or professional Image Consultant ? Dear God. That is unthinkable. What will people say ?

FACT : Yes , Most men go shopping with their wives or girlfriends. So their opinion matters . Any other advisor taking their place is, of course, going to be a little difficult. But if you can go to a doctor , a dermatologist , a lawyer, a CA , or even a hairstylist or beautician etc. for professional advice, then why not to an Image Consultant for personal styling and image enhancement ? And am sure your ladies too would be happy to  pick a professional technique or two from the image expert to add to their natural flair for styling and dressing.

5) MYTH : It’s an unnecessary expenditure –  Hiring a professional Image Consultant will involve a lot of expenditure on new clothing and services. Moreover,  why pay a professional when information is freely available on fashion and styling in magazines, on the internet and even sales personnel at high end stores ?

FACT : Hiring an Image Consultant is an investment in your personal wellness. Looking good , makes you feel good about yourself and  raises self confidence. Once you discover your personal style and identify your roles , you are better able to prepare for the goals in your personal and professional life. There will be no confusion when you go shopping as you will know exactly what to buy and why . You will also be able to mix and match fewer clothing items to create maximum number of outfits for yourself. So in effect, you will be shopping for more outfits and yet spending less than you did before.  Saves time , money and a lot of hassle.

6) MYTH : It’s only for celebrities, the elite and handsome people – Average looking men cannot benefit from these indulgences. It does not really matter what we wear , we will always look like children of a lesser God. 

FACT :  You are unique ! Your skin colour , your hair, your height, your size and shape are all unique ONLY to YOU. Stylise yourself by highlighting your best features and camouflage your weak points. That’s what a professional helps you to recognise.  An Image Consultant brings out the best in you. Even the best looking guys have flaws. They just don’t let you see them . It’s time you discover your best features. You certainly have it , so why not flaunt it ?

At the end of our workshop , all the participants were amazed at how much difference a few knowledgable techniques can make to one’s appearance. They were happy that now they would  be able to create their personal look for themselves. Many commented on how they will now not have to depend on the selections  forced on them by sales personnel at lifestyle stores. All in all a day well spent !

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    Wow!! I absolutely LOVE your work. You are definitely one of my favorite phresgraphtoo! How you tell these stories through photographs is {beautiful} and {inspiring}! Thank you so much for posting your awesome pictures

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