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    Juthika comes from the city of Mumbai, in western India. She is woman of integrity and passion. She loves her dog, her children, her family and her work. Essentially, exactly in that order. She is sensitive, intuitive and claims to be high on Life. On the professional front, she had risen up from the post of a Personnel Assistant to the position of Branch Manager, through her dedication and meticulous hard work.  Her experiences, thus, in the fields of Administration, Human Resources, Banking, Logistics and senior Management have made her perceptive to the need for personal brand building in the corporate sector at all hierarchal levels. On the flip side, having been a domestic goddess has also made her aware of varying personal values and aspirations of people. She is highly intuitive and this enables her to relate to the energies of the people around her. Her focus is always to  counsel and navigate her clients through the pains and conflicts of their personal, professional, relationship and other life issues.
    Juthika has  qualifications which range from the academic to the esoteric .
    She is a certified Image Consultant from the Image Consulting Business Institute. She is also a qualified Trainer under the Train the Trainer program of NABET.  She has trained more than a thousand aspiring Image Consultants in Image related topics and aspiring Trainers in Soft Skill Topics at ICBI.
    Juthika is also a NLP Practitioner , certified by the International Federation of Coaching and NLP (UK) .
    She has a Masters in Counselling  and Psychotherapy . She is passionate about assisting people ease out of their discomforts through individual counselling and group workshops .
    Her enigmatic qualities have led her through 5 levels of certification in Clinical Hypnotherapy from the California Hypnotherapy Institute (India). She is a graduate  in Transpersonal Regression Therapy from the TASSO Institut, Netherlands. She has great perceptive powers which enable her to understand the effects  of childhood conditionings, old beliefs, fears and negative emotions and experiences. She specialises in Behavioural Resolution, Health Resolutions,  Inner Child Issues, Past Life Regression, Emotional Empowerment Technique,  Chakra Therapy and Redikall Healing.
    Juthika is passionate about sharing her learnings with others. She is a designated Teacher from the Omnipresence Academy of Life , and through her workshops on Redikall Healing, Crystalline Mind and Mood Managers, she facilitates the understanding of bodily signals of dis-ease and healing of ailments. The metaphysical understanding of the mind and body connect, empowers people to stay free of illness’ and lead a healthier life.
    Juthika is also a qualified Angel Teacher from the Diana Cooper Foundation, UK. She facilitates workshops to promote healing and connecting with the Angels and personal Guardian Angels. She is happy to offer individual guidance through Angel card reading and Tarot card reading to all those who feel lost and need to suss out psychic answers through life’s maze of questions.
    In the esoteric fields, Juthika practices Usui & Karuna Reiki, Sound Bowl Healing, Access Consciousness, Healing with Essential & Sacred Oils, Divine Breath Work, Awakening of the Inner Goddess and Balancing the Masculine & Feminine Energies. She is one of the few chosen ones who were personally anointed as a Master Teacher for Magnified Healing, USA , by Rev Gisèle King, the originator of Magnified Healing.
    Juthika believes that you are beautiful . Life is beautiful . Outwardly you can be your impressive best at all times ! And inwardly , you can be happy and content ! As an Image professional, a behaviour therapist and a holistic metaphysical healer, she is zealous about helping you carve out a life for yourself which will give you the dynamic edge in every area of your life. She is happy to assist you to discover the hidden treasures of your golden personality, so that you may live a life that is full of love, peace, joy and abundance.
    Her motto is and has always been ……..
    “Life is Beautiful ; Be beautiful, Inside out”.
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